Truth Calls During Controlled Demolition, a Timeline

Accountability for Covid deaths

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War in Ukraine

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Virus isolation debate

“All roads lead to Rome…” Reiner Fuellmich, Session 90 Corona Committee

February 2, 2022 – Corona Committee Meeting – Wodarg, Kaufman, Lanka. discussion seemed to hit on the very heart of the topic, at minute mark 4:29:00, when Wodarg says, “…viruses are not living, they are some package with information…. They are a means of transportation of information.” Kaufman and Lanka did not engage or entertain exploring that idea, specifically on Rabies, and the discussion became adversarial. At 5:18:00 Fuellmich explains the purpose of the Corona Investigative Committee and his thoughts on the controversy. Link to Lanka’s study

Coherent, structured water

Jan-Feb 2022 Protests mount and mandates roll back

Capitol Rally 2/19/22, photo Lincoln’s Open Source
Canadian convoy image credit video tribute here

Robert F. Kennedy, comparing views on injection mandates

Robert F. Kennedy speaks at the Defeat the Mandate march, Washington DC, 1/23/22, at 2:04:47 mark introduced by JP Sears
The link to this article above, searched on February 27, 2022, has been removed. A Politico article “RFK Jr. apologizes…” for his reference to Anne Frank, remains.

Thousands attend Defeat the Mandates Rally in DC January 23, 2022

Defeat the Mandates rally, Washington DC, January 23, 2022, credit The Highwire and Children’s Health Defense

Covid Pandemic, March 16, 2020 – March 16, 2022

Pierre Kory, MD, credit The Highwire

We have, I think they said, ten Covid units, and one of those is just a place for people to go and pass away, unfortunately.”

Lacie Gooch, Nurse, Nebraska Medicine
Lacie Gooch, Nurse
  • March 10, 2021 Dr. Peter McCullough, “I refused to let a patient languish at home, with no treatment, and then be hospitalized when it was too late.
  • November 17, 2020 A Nebraska Medicine Facebook post features nurse, Lacie Gooch, saying, “We have, I think they said, ten Covid units, and one of those is just a place for people to go and pass away, unfortunately.”
Peter McCullough, MD

I can’t think of a single viral infection where the best advice is to wait two weeks before we start treatment…

Peter McCullough, MD
David Brownstein, MD (1)
  • Summer of 2020 Censoring, firings, and life-saving treatment omission continue as AAP&S, AFLDS, and FLCCC advocate for early, effective outpatient treatment.
  • March 2020 Dr. David Brownstein did not stop treating his patients. He posted his life-saving treatment online. Government agencies order him to remove it. (1)
  • October 2019 Event 201-John’s Hopkins Event 201 participants recommend “flooding the zone” with pandemic information from “trusted sources”

9/11 Controlled Demolition

  • September 11, 2021, Second Annual 70 Days Project, WTC 20th Anniversary, air pressure or explosion
September 11, 2001

“Completely in one side and out the other.” The other reporter responds, “It just disappeared. It disappeared like a bad special effect. Disappeared right into the building. I’ve seen it six, seven times now. It’s still incomprehensible what is actually happening there.”

Peter Jennings, ABC News anchor and unknown reporter

International Banking

  • July 5, 2010 Nobel laureate gives homeopathy a boost, Luc Montagnier. New method for detecting viral infections that bore close parallels to the basic tenets of homeopathy. The Australian at

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