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Second House is an open source page to share resources and to track the current status of important topics in Nebraska.

The Nebraska Legislature, Bill Tracker, Legislative Calendar, Hearing Dates, the Unicameral relies on hearing from the “second house,” the people of Nebraska

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How to contribute to Second House Debates

Contribute to Second House Debates

Second House is a place to collect answers and rebuttals from the community. Contribute to improve the knowledge base. Propose a better answer or rebuttal. Provide a missing question or claim.

Tips for contributing

Enter your comments on the topic page or email your contribution to for consideration

  • Very Important – provide a link to the source
  • Write a brief sentence or two to explain, highlight the topic in just a few words
  • Why is this important for someone else to know?
  • Legislators look for direct quotes and examples from other states, other elected representatives, high-quality studies, subject-matter experts and industry leaders
  • Compelling information, exclude hyperbole and name-calling
  • Video or audio? Provide a sentence to explain the point and the minute mark of the comment or focus of the topic
  • If possible, provide a short transcript or link to the most important dialogue

A perspective on community participation from Civic Nebraska: How to be the Legislature’s ‘Second House

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