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About this site

This site is dedicated to honoring those who have worked tirelessly to bring truth to light, especially those dedicated to families impacted on 9/11. Here you will find resources connecting the local impact of global agendas.

It can be difficult, with the fast pace of life, to understand complex topics, like United Nations Goal 16.9, the digital identity, and how the the digital wallet in Nebraska will impact our daily life.

So, what can we do? We can be alert and informed. We can discuss our questions on significant planning efforts, like Blueprint Nebraska. We can provide access to information to understand current events in the context of less publicized historical sources. And, we can read censored information from prominent doctors and scientists on topics like early treatment for COVID-19, and alternative evidence to challenge our thinking.

As a forum for tracking local impact, here are a few questions to start with:

  • Why is it important to live in an alert and informed community?
  • What is the impact of the convergence of emerging technologies on families living well in Lincoln? Where is the global banking system impacting Lincoln?
  • What are Agenda 2030 smart cities, and how will rapidly changing broadband wireless technology impact our health and environment?
  • What Nebraska law prevent us from buying simple medical devices without a doctor’s prescription? Why can I buy raw milk from a California grocer, and not from a Nebraska grocer?
  • What is the difference between terrain heath and germ theory? How can we best assist and encourage integrative health practitioners in Nebraska. And what are our options if we no longer desire to, or are allow to, enter a hospital?

Your historical and current sources, evidence, and opinions in areas from personal sustainability to food, health, shelter, industry, and governance and accountability are welcome.

Thank you for visiting.

Tracy Aksamit