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This site is dedicated to honoring those who have worked tirelessly to bring truth to light, and to investigating the impact of global agendas on Lincoln, Nebraska.


The Second Annual 70 Days Project, in honor of 9/11 victims, looks back to provide links to the history, people and groups who have been seeking justice for victims and their families.

Like truth-seekers throughout history, millions of others continue to seek justice today. In the continuing battle against fear-based population control, current truth-seekers are opposing implementation of the true reason for the COVID-19 injection: United Nations Goal 16.9, the digital identity, seeks to become an unstoppable force around the world, see the impact of the digital wallet in Nebraska.

What can we do? Tell someone, spread truth, help to keep up with changes. Truth-seekers know that there is early treatment for COVID-19, and they are determined to: 1) reduce the fear, division, conflict, and death that only serves to increase control and profits for globalist, and 2) learn from history, and provide solutions to stop “building our own prison.

As a forum for tracking other local impacts, this site seeks to answers other questions like:

  • How is Agenda 2030 smart cities, and rapidly changing broadband wireless technology, impacting our health and environment?
  • Why can I buy raw milk from a California grocer, and not from a Nebraska grocer?
  • What Nebraska law prevent us from buying simple medical devices without a doctor’s prescription?
  • How can we best assist and encourage the practice of integrative and functional health in Nebraska?
  • Where is the global banking system impacting Lincoln?

Please comment on, and share, historical and current sources in areas from personal sustainability, including food, health, shelter, and industry, to governance and accountability.

Thank you for visiting.

Tracy Aksamit, admin@lincolnsopensource.com