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Don’t Finance Your Enemy

Catherine Austin Fitts offers a most direct and succinct interview for Americans, with this warning, “This is war, don’t finance your enemy.” and “Stop building your own prison.” August 12, 2021, The Highwire Episode, linked above, at minute mark 1:18:00, after reviewing Anthony Fauci’s unredacted email, Del Bigtree speculates that “something else must be going […]


COVID-19 Sources

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson’s early treatment opinion Dr. Peter McCullough testifies before the Texas Senate HHS Committee on Covid-19 early treatment. Aug. 3, 2021 Ivermectin Study Prevention & Early, Effective, Outpatient Treatment Sources Note that there is conflicting information within these sources, such as the doctors promoting antibiotics, etc., and those cautioning against them, […]


The Digital Wallet in Nebraska

Integrating digital identity credentials and the digital wallet ID in Nebraska. Updated August 1, 2023 Jump to the Timeline Will the goals set by the ID2020 Alliance be implemented in Nebraska? If so, how close are we to incorporating vaccination status, ESG scores, and other social credit scores, like those implemented in China, such as […]