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Nebraska HIT Board to meet Thursday

The Nebraska Health Information Technology Board, administered by CyncHealth, will meet on Thursday, June 15. The agenda and information on viewing the meeting is available on the calendar.

Many goals of the Nebraska Health Information Technology Board work in tandem with United Nations goal 16.9, to aggregate the data of individuals, businesses and other institutions into what CyncHealth CEO, Dr. Jamie Bland, refers to as a public utility managing a portion of the global digital ID system.

“…if we approach a system like this as a utility… then providers having access for the purposes of treatment and operations so they are able to access, in near real-time, the information they need to make better clinical decisions.”

Dr. Jaime Bland, CyncHealth CEO, Newt’s World Episode 415 minute mark 00:16:30

By implementing this United Nations sustainability goal, with artificial intelligence, to assign environmental, social and governance (ESG) scores, the digital wallet in Nebraska is likely to become a significant driver of social and behavioral change in the state. It is important to know the history of this UN agenda, to follow developments now, and to understand their implications.

Links to HIT Board Information from CyncHealth and The Digital Wallet in Nebraska