The CyncHealth HIT Board

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Link to the Opt Out Page: “Opt out means your written decision that your Protected Health Information (PHI) cannot be searched for through CyncHealth by a healthcare provider except as required by law or as authorized by you in the case of an emergency. You can opt back in at any time.”

Next Meeting: March 7, 2024 – Zoom link here

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Meeting Agendas: The quarterly meetings are posted to the public meetings calendar. According to CyncHealth representative, Terri Pohl, MPP, Manager, Policy & Government Relations, CyncHealth in mid 2023 it is the “aim to post the [agenda] at least 10 days in advance of the meeting, once the details of the meeting are confirmed and set. If the meeting is virtual, that is noted and the link is also provided in that calendar posting.”

Meeting Minutes & Reports

State of Nebraska CyncHealth contract documents, HIT Board Policies

March 23, 2023 Meeting Minutes – According to CyncHealth, meeting minutes are not available online at this time, but they can be requested any time from once they have been finalized after a meeting.

HIT Board oversight: There is no State of Nebraska office that oversees the Health Information Technology Board. Pohl writes, “the board must submit an annual report to the Governor and Health and Human Services committee of the Legislature, and members are appointed by the Governor with approval of the legislature. Apart from that, there is no office designated in statute to “oversee” the board. CyncHealth, as the designated statewide health information exchange, is the administrator of the board.”

About the HIT Board

The Nebraska Health Information Technology Board is contained within the Population Health Information Act, and was signed into law May 2021 requiring collection and reporting of health data from most health care facilities through a contract with CyncHealth, a member of the CARIN Alliance. CARIN is a multi-sector alliance developing digital identity credentials. In coordination with the Vaccine Credentials Initiative, CARIN, the World Health Organization, and the other global stakeholders, including the World Economic Forum, Microsoft, Salesforce, and MITRE are leading the development and implementation of the open source SMART Health Card Framework, part of the United Nations 2016 ID2020 initiative in response to United Nations Sustainability Goal 16.9. In December 2020 the Alliance announced a “Digital Identity and Federation White Paper,” to provide information on their work to develop digital identity credentials in order to provide individuals access to their personal health information via an application of their choice. This ability for choice, they note, was accelerated by passage of The 21st Century Cures Act, the ONC Cures Act Final Rule, and the CMS Interoperatilbity and Patient Access rule.

The Population Health Information Act, Section 71-2454 and 71-2455, requires a public-private exchange (CyncHealth) to establish a system of prescription drug monitoring. Patients are prohibited from opting out of the prescription drug monitoring system per Section 71-2454 2(a). A patient may opt out of the statewide health information exchange per Section 71-2454 2(e). A link to the “Opting In or Out” brochure is available at CyncHealth here, and the opt out form is here. CyncHealth FAQs.

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