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“What more do you need to see?”

9/9/21 – With regard to COVID-19 injection hesitancy, Biden asks, “What more do you need to see?” To this, I asked Congressman Fortenberry’s office for documentation to refute early treatment claims. On 8/23/21, Alan Feyerherm, Deputy Chief of Staff, kindly directed me to “easily accessible” online critical news articles (none in particular). I have not […]


Covid-19 Sources

Dr. Peter McCullough testifies before the Texas Senate HHS Committee on Covid-19 early treatment. Aug. 3, 2021 Ivermectin Study Prevention & Early, Effective, Outpatient Treatment Sources Note that there is conflicting information within these sources, such as the doctors promoting antibiotics, etc., and those cautioning against them, germ theory vs terrain theory. This site does […]