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“What more do you need to see?”

9/9/21 – With regard to COVID-19 injection hesitancy, Biden asks, “What more do you need to see?” To this, I asked Congressman Fortenberry’s office for documentation to refute early treatment claims. On 8/23/21, Alan Feyerherm, Deputy Chief of Staff, kindly directed me to “easily accessible” online critical news articles (none in particular). I have not […]


COVID-19 Sources

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson’s early treatment opinion Dr. Peter McCullough testifies before the Texas Senate HHS Committee on Covid-19 early treatment. Aug. 3, 2021 Ivermectin Study Prevention & Early, Effective, Outpatient Treatment Sources Note that there is conflicting information within these sources, such as the doctors promoting antibiotics, etc., and those cautioning against them, […]