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Lincoln’s radiation monitoring

The Untold Story of Our Wireless World – a 10 minute video on radiation harms. Excerpt from the description, “Today more than ever before, wireless signals – aka microwaves or radio frequencies – are all around us. But how harmful they really are, is still very controversial as there are two kinds of safety levels – one for electronic devices and the other for humans. The bottom line is that our electronic devices are protected against troublesome electromagnetic interference, while our bodies are not. But what does that mean and what can we do about it?” The description also contains sections marks to quickly find what you are interested in. Credit The EMF Center

Radiation monitoring in Lincoln

In June, 2023, wireless radiation levels from the Northeast YMCA cell tower expose the area surrounding the YMCA, Kindercare and Mickle Middle School to levels ranging from 2.03 to 3.45 volts per meter (V/m).

Cell Tower Radiation Levels, 2600 Block of North 70th St, Lincoln, Nebraska

During the second year of monitoring readings to the east of the tower remained little changed ranging from 0.3 at about 3 blocks away to 6.0 V/m just to the east of 70th Street. See the most recent report for Northeast Lincoln here. 2024 monitoring here: north 27th Superior to Fletcher, and south 56th & Pine Lake area.

Radio wave sickness has been studied since the 1950s with recent studies continuing to indicate numerous harmful effects to all age groups, and most significant impacts to reproduction and development.

Looking west, 2600 Block of North 70th St, Lincoln, Nebraska 8/12/2023

Requests for Information & Responses

June 8, 2020 email request for information to the City Council, Lincoln, Nebraska

Good morning Council Members,

After review of the agenda for today’s Council meeting, I would like to request the following information regarding approval of the agreement between the City and Windstream to install 24 Gigahertz millimeter microwave technology on light poles in the Scouts Western Sky subdivision under 5 year permits.

  • Is there a Small Cell EMF specification range for the technology that will be allowed to be installed by Windstream?  If so, what is it?
  • The agreement specifies, on page six, that Windstream will provide six pairs of single-mode fiber for the City’s non-restricted use. In what ways does the City currently intend to use this fiber? Does the City intend to use any of the fiber for surveillance?  If so, what type of surveillance, and for what purpose?
  • May I have a copy of the template Small Cell permit?
  • Does the City have the authority to disapprove this agreement, or is approval mandated by the FCC?
  • Regarding the concerns of many scientists around the world who still question the safety of electromagnetic field exposure, even from non-ionizing sources, how does the City plan to mitigate claims by citizens?
  • What is the approximate number of Small Cells to be installed in the Scouts Western Sky subdivision? And, how does the City plan to use the revenue generated by the permit?
  • Is there a plan to notify the citizens in the subdivision of the intent to install Small Cells? If so, what is that plan?

Response from Council member Sändra Washington, “Thank you for your email regarding the small cell agreement I’ll be hearing about at Council meeting today. This is not a technology I am familiar with, so your questions have already provided me an education. I am copying my reply to the Chair and staff liaison of the Telecommunications Advisory Board. –Sändra Washington, email copied to Arthur I. Zygielbaum and Steven J. Huggenberger.

June 8, 2020 City Council Meeting recording – excerpts from meeting

Council member Washington asks if this “is a 4G or 5G network cell tower.”

David Young, CIO for the City of Lincoln, says, “5G is a very broad industry term, and it really means a lot to different people. So T-Mobile has a different set of spectrum than AT&T and Verizon. And, everybody’s proposing what their version of 5G looks like. Windstream is proposing a completely different set of spectrum for what they’re going to use in this application. So, we don’t call it 5G necessarily, we look at it from the equipment they’re putting out. And, all the frequencies are licensed by the FCC, so if they want to market it as 5G, that’s really up to their marketing department. … I look at the IEEE definitions, personally.

Washington, “we’ve had a couple letters, people are concerned about the amount of electromagnetic radiation.”

Young “Yes, and I pull that chart up. LB184, which was signed into law last year (2019), basically provided several milestones and road maps for the City about what we can and cannot do. And it sites specifically this chart for electromagnetic radiation exposures. So, what Windstream is proposing to use is at the bottom. It’s at the 26,000 GHz level. And, so they are allowed 1 mW/cm2 [Power density] of body mass, 30 minute exposure. So when you think about a pole that is 25, 30, 40 feet from your house, that is running at probably 40 watts, over a 360 degree radius, spectrum, where their sending out their radio waves, it’s pretty low. And, all of the devices are certified by the manufacturer to meet this standard. We do not have any testing equipment in house. The State bill says specifically, you’ll follow this guideline. And, the manufacturers use that guideline that is set up by the FCC to certify that equipment. So we just look for a certification on the equipment.” 41:00 minute mark

Young discusses the franchise fee, and what the money is used for – this is only an attachment fee for the use of the public pole. The fee is $20/year, and a right-of-way component that is $250/year is put into the broadband enterprise fund. $270 per location per year. To maintain the broadband system in the City. Term changes were made to align with state law, all other terms are the same.

Electromagnetic Radiation Resources

Our Electric Universe

In his book The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life, Arthur Firstenberg describes the vital turning point at the turn of the 19th century and the dispute between not only scientists and theories, he says, “but between centuries, between mechanism and spirit, an existential struggle,” as the material displaced and obscured the vital. By the time the scientific community came to understand there was a connection between life and electricity, Vitalism had been relegated to the realm of religion, divorced forever from the domain of serious science. The development of industrial scale electricity without concern for its effect on biology, disregarded the knowledge gained by 18th century physician healers.

Astrophysicist James Van Allen discovered layered belts of highly charged particles after a large number of military satellites where deployed in 1958. Continued distruption and attempts to modify this space remains a major concern for many scientists today.

Universal energies or forces formed the basis of all traditional wisdom and healing systems until recent medical models came to be. Human beings, unlike animals, are not conceived or born under the influence of any specific cosmic energy field. Instead, each human is conceived and born at a unique time and place, therefore under the influence of a unique cosmic field, and humanity as a whole is the sum of the entire field. This concept aligns with traditional philosophical and religious descriptions of the image or the reflection of God. Founder of the Methodist Church, John Wesley, described electricity as, “the Soul of the Universe” that “produces and sustains Life thro-out all Nature, as well in Animals as in Vegetables.”

The global electrical circuit
All living organisms generate their own electrical fields keeping us vertically polarized like the atmosphere. “Our negative feet walk on the negative ground, as our positive head points to the positive sky.” Artificial, chaotic, pulsed signals disturb this balance.

Source: Invisible Rainbow, Arthur Firstenberg
Source: The Fourth Phase of Water, Gerald Pollack

Gel, the fourth phase of water The exclusion zone (EZ) water is a negatively charged structured gel. Bulk water protons and EZ water behave like a battery delivering minerals and other compounds to the body. This action sends blood cells to the smallest capillary and back again to the heart.

Understanding Technology Goals & Radiation Measurements

5th Generation wireless (5G) transmitters broadcast from 3 to as high as 60 GHz. 60 GHz is a frequency that is absorbed by oxygen causing the oxygen molecule to split apart making it useless for respiration.

The main purpose of 5G beyond increasing wireless download speed is to facilitate surveillance through the Internet-of-Things and the Internet-of-Bodies. In this example long-range near-field communication technology would digitally twin the home via a robot vacuum. The ICNIRP Standard for EMF Levels: Extremely low frequencies ELF – 2,000 mG, Radio Radio Frequency – 61.4 V/M

  • Cancer-linked Threshold – ELF over 1.0 milligauss, Radio frequency fields over 0.87 volts per meter
  • Building Biology, Severe Concern – ELF over 1.0 milligauss, Radio frequency fields over 0.061 volts per meter
  • Microwave sickness (also called hypersensitivity) – Extremely low frequencies over 0.1 milligauss, Radio frequency fields over 0.02 volts per meter

Electrical sickness and health

Early experimenters recorded that people experienced a significant range of electrical sensitivity. In addition to a nutrient-poor diet and toxins, EMFs disrupt the gel in our cells, interfering with virtually every physiological process, and are a large contributor to disease.

1700s – early1800s Physician Healers
Unlike scientist Galvani, Volta insisted electricity had nothing to do with life. Electricity was found to provide healing effects and harmful effects like joint pain, rheumatism, sickness, headache, back pain, and nervous disorders.

1894 to 1960s the Telegraph, Electrification & Radar
In addition to conditions recognized during early electrical experimentation, like dizziness, tinnitus, racing pulse, chest pain, depression, panic attack, and hemorrhage, greater electrification brought a new condition, neurasthenia, a condition of weakness, exhaustion, and inability to concentrate.

1960s to 2023 TV, Satellites & Wireless
Health effects found in current studies suggest 2G/3G/4G, WiFi and Bluetooth should be reclassified to a Class 1 or 2A carcinogen. Current technology exposure creates risk for reduced fertility, insomnia, fatigue, depression, memory loss, digestive issues, and increased systemic conditions including the skin and eyes

Schumann Resonance peaks of extremely low frequency (ELF) within the biosphere and its similarity to brain waves, and biological effects – How does the body adapt to the extreme disruption of atmospheric and artificial radiation?

  • Brain Waves
    • Alpha – 8 – 12 Hz awake & relaxed
    • Theta – 4 – 7 Hz emotions & memory
    • Delta – 3 Hz disturbed diseased state
  • Schumann Resonance
    • 7 Hz calm weather
    • 3 Hz disturbed weather conditions

Symptoms, headache, fatigue, chest tightness, sweating palms, spastic conditions, tumors, slowed reaction

EMF Testing, Remediation and Advocating for Change

There are several steps you can take if you suspect electro-smog may be impacting your health.

Keep in mind: Perhaps as important as electromagnetic frequency may be other engineering efforts to improve signal speed and fidelity. Keep distance between technology and children. Children’s brains absorb twice the radiation compared to adults.

  • Reduce your EMF exposure as much as possible
    • Cellular devices – do not keep a cellular device (phone, watch, earbuds, etc) on your person. Example: storing a cellphone in your pocket can impact fertility.
      • Keep the cellular device in airplane mode whenever possible
      • Text instead of talk or keep calls short-term
      • Do not connect the phone to a vehicle, turn off vehicle wifi, if possible
      • Use device speaker or wired headphones, or air tube earbuds when talking
    • Go wired for computers and home phones, use fiber only and turn off wireless devices in the home, like putting your laptop in airplane mode, or turn off wireless devices at night
    • Do not use “smart” devices
    • Earthing and other protective products. Earthing effects the zeta potential, the negative charge on red blood cells.
    • Consume a nutrient-dense diet and purified, structured water to support the bodies EZ water. Do not warm food or beverages in a microwave
    • Bio-geometry and EMF Mitigation – consider how bio-geometry, the “sacred” science of how form, shape, and patterns combine with certain materials to shape the energy in the world around us to benefit or harm.
    • Survey your home for magnetic fields, electric fields, and radio frequency fields. Remove sources where possible, like smart meteres, repair wiring if needed, and/or shield what cannot be mitigated.
    • Switch off power at night to router and/or the power to sleeping areas
  • Learn about 5G implementation in your community, and stay information about future technologies
    • Become familiar with radiation measurements around Lincoln
    • Understand the City’s position and development of wireless technology
  • Visit Americans for Responsible Technology (ART),, and get involved in your local community
    • Reduce surveillance and minimize, or eliminate the use of, and support for frivolous IoT and IoB wireless technologies
    • There is no current government-sanctioned 5G study on health effects. EMF safety guidelines haven’t been updated since 1996 and are based on short-term exposure to one device.
    • The federal government passed legislation to prevent states and local municipalities from passing wireless regulations See New Hampshire and Portland actions and ART for example legislation.

Source Links

Explaining the 2020 RF-EMF exposure guidelines published by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP)

Children’s Health Defense

1968 law requires FDA to protect public health from the dangers of electronic product radiation

European Academy for Environmental Medicine (EUROPAEM)

UROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016 for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses

ClimateViewer News: Tracking Climate Changers Ionospheric heaters are destroying the Van Allen Belts

IEEE Spectrum: Hacking the Van Allen Belts: Could we save satellites and astronauts by wiping out the Van Allen belts?

  • The Contagion Myth, Thomas Cowan, MD and Sally Fallon Morell, pgs 138 – 140
  • The Fourth Phase of Water by Gerald Pollack, pg
  • The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg, pg 116, Gilbert Ling and the theory of the electronic nature of cells

Van Ellen Belt The Science of Existence

EMF Center – course EMF Solutions for Your Health

EMF Data Form & Radio Frequency Measurement Conversion Chart