Further federalizing wireless broadband

If passed, congressional bill H.R. 3557, the American Broadband Act of 2023, would further streamline installation of wireless equipment while further restricting local government’s authority to manage the public rights-of-way, health and safety. It is important to oppose further federalization because there are no federal guideline for, or monitoring of, current wireless technology addressing radio wave sickness.

As reported in this August 2023 Children’s Health Defense article summarizing the current status of federal regulations regarding human exposure and wireless radiation guidelines, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) “has yet to comply with the court mandate to explain how its radiofrequency (RF) radiation exposure guidelines adequately protect humans from harm.”

Proposed bill H.R. 3557 aims to expedite the deployment of communications facilities through a massive federal power grab, stripping away state and local control in permitting and regulatory review processes that are designed to protect citizens from the threats posed by wireless facilities.

Children’s Health Defense, Take Action to Prevent the Next Wireless Invasion

What can you do? Americans for Responsible Technology has some ideas, including links to the following associations who oppose further federalization of wireless broadband.

Other resources

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