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“What more do you need to see?”

9/9/21 – With regard to COVID-19 injection hesitancy, Biden asks, “What more do you need to see?” To this, I asked Congressman Fortenberry’s office for documentation to refute early treatment claims. On 8/23/21, Alan Feyerherm, Deputy Chief of Staff, kindly directed me to “easily accessible” online critical news articles (none in particular). I have not found any online articles that provide sources, valid or otherwise. If you know of any substantive documentation, I would appreciate your sharing it with me at

What I have found is this:

  • Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA technology – the CRISPR technology designed into the Pfizer and Moderna (modeRNA) injections – saying that the technology should not be injected into humans.
  • Non-disclosure of the risks of antibody-dependent enhancement in past testing of the mRNA

When I asked the Congressman’s office for information on biometric tracking of the general population, Feyerherm said that the technology industry is planning this, but not the U.S. government. He added that China is implementing biometric surveillance, and that certain locations in the U.S. have implemented tracking using only cameras (link is my source, not provided by the Congressman’s office). I have not yet asked the Congressman’s position on this, or about his knowledge of the long-documented partnerships between the government and the tech and pharma industries.

Well, “Jane, what more can you tell us?” What does World Trade Center Building 7 have to do with vaccines? Perhaps a portion of Donald Rumsfeld’s January 2001 confirmation hearing can provide some insight, discussing just a portion of the unaccounted for trillions (source Corbett Report):

SEN. BYRD: How can we seriously consider a $50 billion increase in the Defense Department budget when DoD’s own auditors—when DoD’s own auditors—say the department cannot account for $2.3 trillion in transactions in one year alone.Now, my question to you is, Mr. Secretary, what do you plan to do about this?

DONALD RUMSFELD: Decline the nomination! (Laughs.) (Laughter.) Ah! Senator, I have heard —

SEN. BYRD: I don’t want to see you do that! (Laughter.)

SEN. LEVIN: (Sounds gavel.) We’ll stand adjourned, in that case! (Laughter.)

DONALD RUMSFELD: Senator, I have heard some of that and read some of that, that the department is not capable of auditing its books. It is — I was going to say “terrifying.”

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