70 Days Project

70 Days Project 2022: Robert Malone’s continued awakening, many aha moments

How do you know a person’s true motives?

Dr. Robert Malone, credited as being a key contributor to the invention of mRNA technology, as evidenced by this declaration, is one of the many thousands of doctors and scientists who, in addition to being marginalized and censored over these last many months, have risked their jobs, licenses to practice, and professional affiliations for speaking out about Covid vaccinations. Can listening to a person, like Dr. Malone, and seeing other’s reactions reveal their true motivation? How does a scientist, experienced with the DOD and the pharmaceutical industry, find himself denounced, discredited, de-platformed and called an antivaccine conspiracist ?

Candice Owen Special with Robert Malone

From the sources and summaries below, see for yourself whether you think Malone is genuinely becoming aware of many historical facts and awakening to a broader world perspective and to his role in it, or is he just covering for his involvement in the industry having another agenda.

Candice Owen interviews Robert Malone, February 3, 2022 (audio recordings: Part 1 and Part 2) watch the aha moments as they happen or read them below

‘Better Way’ conference panel discussion May 2022 labeled “the forbidden debate”, Malone references the impact of the Candice Owen interview, Del Bigtree questions the panel of scientists and researchers about vaccine safety saying it is a two-sided debate. Bigtree does not validate terrain science by including the really forbidden side of the vaccine debate.

November 2021 – Malone and his wife Jill answer children’s questions

Candice Owen interviews Dr. Robert Malone

Time marks below are taken from the Candice Owen videos from this link * links are not an endorsement of the site linked.

Interview Part 1

  • 15:50 Deciding what is important, reference to Ron Johnson’s hearings and 3 DOD whistleblowers
  • 31:30 This couldn’t possibly happen here (in America)
  • 36:00 Pfizer deal indemnification deal with Israel
  • 37:40 Graphine oxide and financial incentive is self-evident
  • 38:30 RM “You just made a key comment” Selling out
  • 44:00 Nuremberg and Tuskegee
  • 47:00 Testifying at JAG
  • 49:00 Why and how, Janet Woodcock, Operation Warp Speed and the Pharma cartel
  • 53:00 RM Story of the Portuguese woman “…hit me like a brick in the head” totalitarianism, FDA and CDC corrupt, the shift and “your hold world gets realigned”
  • 57:40 DEA and Kiki Camarena, curiously Owen thinks “…marijuana obviously legal now” Mass formation and Mattias Desmet
  • 1:25:00 Malone realizes the Davos, WEF, one world government agenda “hidden in plain sight” Malone labeled one of the “Dirty [disinformation] Dozen
Twitter bans Malone after this post – also here 7:30 mark source

Interview Part 2

  • 7:30 Testing vaccinated children for heart damage
  • 14:30 Accountability doesn’t happen, Desmet says people have a tendency to just walk away, compartmentalize, avoid
  • 17:30 Fuellmich and charging crimes against humanity
  • 13:00 Owen “Something in my gut said ‘this is a lie'”
  • 18:00 Malone “It’s gotta stop, this is the line”
  • 19:30 Wellcome Trust, Jeremy Farrar, Fauci, Burros, Francis Collins and burner phones
  • 22:00-23:00 – RM, “That little branch of Hopkins (Johns Hopkins University) is a CIA shop, we all know it’s a CIA shop, ok, it’s hidden in plain site.” “The last third of Bobby Kennedy’s book is gold on this.” Malone participated in it some
  • 24:30 Bill Gates the monopolist – Gates hands are on every single cookie jar, he owns it. Gates given a platform.
  • 28:00 Rise of the Rockefellers and perversion of the medical industry
  • 29:00 Malone thanks Owen “Your exactly right CandiceI really appreciate what you’ve brought into this, as an outsider… only ones who can really see… [bring] active intellect to this.. passion and commitment… important to acknowledge… thank you for your service”
  • 29:45 Malone “Moms and dads have to take ownership… this is your job, you’ve got one job…” Consequences of the education system and home schooling. Malone’s wife partially home schooled their children.
  • 40:00 Malone “We’ve come from different points after two years but had this awakening” Historic alignment of left vs right is obsolete
  • 42:00 Malone expecting Ron Johnson to be a ‘crazy radical’ and “there was a moment when my mind just flipped, I realized I was dealing with a good middle American, just nice guy, and became acutely aware of how I’d been programmed about who Ron Johnson was.”
  • 46:00 Owen’s curiosity about infant vaccination
  • 55:00 Owen challenges Malone on Tetanus, Malone concludes “good on you” we are conflating cause and effect
  • 1:05:00 Ron Johnson’s hearings and Malone coming to terms, “so in my face how wrong our system is right now..” built for pharmaceutical industry profit
  • 1:07 The ultimate gas-lighting, women reporting adverse reactions treated like crazies
  • 1:10 The podcast as an “incredibly powerful disruptive technology” Malone commends Owen, “people like you with inquiring minds breaking through the ability of big business to control information.”
  • 1:24 Legacy media, big tech actively blocking information and the “trusted news initiative”
  • 1:28 What drives Malone – his wife, integrity, sense of obligation, fighting for future generations, forging a new community with others who have been attached, de-platformed, and fired.

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