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70 Days Project 2022: It will never happen here

In the 1960’s all was good in America, said 90 year-old G. Edward Griffin yesterday at the Red Pill Expo in Indianapolis. Even with tensions in the U.S. and around the world, he said that in the 60’s there was a secure feeling by most Americans that “[communism] would never happen here.”

G. Edward Griffin, April 3, 1969, credit More Deadly than War
G. Edward Griffin, July 10, 2022, credit Red Pill Expo

Like Dr. Bryan Ardis, who also presented at the two day conference, Griffin is a curious researcher. Griffin described the 60’s as his ‘learning phase’ and, being curious about the rising popularity of communism, he began researching Marx, Lenin and others. As he studied these writers and listened to advocates discuss communism, he found that promoters of the ideology generally only understood the slogans, they had never read much, if any, of the actual writings behind the slogans. And, these proponents could not answer how the goals of communism would be accomplished.

From study, Griffin learned communism’s agenda of creating division and hate between people, by any means necessary, toward the goal of what he describes as “collectivism” and the ‘greater good’ for the greater number. Griffin’s first ‘red pill’, his ‘aha’ moment, came when he realized that his participation in a left/right political struggle was similar saying, “We fell for it for quite a while… [the left and right animosity] are two wings of the same ugly bird.”

Griffin has dedicated his life to sharing his knowledge, growing his understanding, and providing an alternative to collectivism he calls “individualism”. His eighth Red Pill Expo ended with a call to place a Red Pill University campus in every county in America guided by his Creed of Freedom and Code of Conduct. To find out more visit Red Pill University.

On this July 11, 2022, when the United Nations is celebrating ‘World Population Day’, please consider the sources below and how the communist, altruistic-sounding philosophy of the ‘greater good’ may have collectivist ‘stakeholder capitalism‘ and eugenics at it’s core. Does each one of us have a responsibility to understand the real consequences of communism and eugenics for ourselves?

  • 1969 G. Edward Griffin – ‘More Deadly Than War‘, a presentation on the dangers of communism.
  • 7/6/22 – the Georgia Guidestones – installed in 1980 and destroyed Wednesday, July 6. Trailer for the documentary ‘Dark clouds over Elberton‘ and it’s first guide to “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000” Was this a real person’s agenda, a distraction, or something else? Was it successful?
  • World Economic Forum participant Yuval Noah Harari’s work – and his discussions on humans as ‘hackable animals‘. He is currently promoting his new series of children’s books called ‘Unstoppable Us’ with Volume 1, ‘How Human’s took over the Earth
  • TEDx Innovating to zero! Bill Gates, in February of 2010, “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care and reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.
Bill Gates – credit TEDx ‘Innovating to Zero!’ at 4:25 mark
Credit – trailer for documentary ‘Dark clouds over Elberton

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