70 Days Project

70 Days Project 2022: Jon Rappoport, two moments that led to The Matrix Revealed

I remember this former investigative reporter from his days reporting for CBS Healthwatch, back in the day when network news seemed real. Not being a consumer of late-night radio or alternative news, his name only popped up again during the last two years searching for real news.

On August 7, 2022, in his post, “Two moments in my early life that led to The Matrix Revealed,” John Rappoport explains how the mind works for those who are curious and thoughtful. Rappoport tells how the thread of truth begins to reveal itself. From his conversations in the 60’s when “dominos start falling,” to the 90’s during his participation in the health freedom movement, he writes about recognizing the connections between real major events and major players.

Rappoport continues in his August 9th post, “Busting Fake Reality” to describe the challenge of revealing and holding on to the real.

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