70 Days Project

70 Days Project 2022: Light always wins over darkness

On this 21st anniversary of the events of 9/11, we live in a time of unprecedented access to information. And, even with that, when it comes to the imminent death of a close friend, with no close family, there is little help or support in maneuvering the maize of the corporate healthcare system. It’s ugly and hard, so I tried hard to just focus on the good in people and work through it.

When the fog of sadness clears and a desire for accountability and a better way calls to me, I think about how so much of our world is broken and hard. What comes to me is more questions. What will “fix” it? How can we share lessons learned? Is there hope for the insouciant?

On healthcare and other issues, will more education, experience, money, investigation, research, policy change, or advocacy awaken the generations to the history, current times, and future written and controlled by the greedy and power-hungry?

As Forbes writes about the dangers of “doing your own research,” many of us know that our life only improved after we set out to do our own research. We are thankful to the doctors, scientists, and all other writers of truth for their honesty and willingness to risk losing everything by speaking out. All of us who have had multiple “aha” moments are in union in that respect, if not in total agreement.

Then I am reminded that I find peace when I do what I can do, understanding that we all do our part in different ways, and I know that God does the rest. In the end, as Caroline says in the interview below, in the Health link, light always wins over darkness.

Below is a selection of sources to consider on this anniversary.

Corbett Report 9/11/2022 event airing 9/11/22 at 7pm CDT

Truth Calls During Controlled Demolition

Access to information: Corbett Report – just one session on recommended books and how to access the Library of Alexandria (Internet Archive) and 9/11 Documentaries

Health: an ongoing online debates about the existence of virus

Education: “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” by Charlotte Iserbyt

War: Who is Smedley Butler?

Agriculture: Milk Wars, “The Monsanto Paper” by Carrie Gillam

Government & Corporations (P3): Catherine Austin Fitz, Dillon Read & Co.

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