General Election Nov. 8, 2022

General Election Notice

State 2022 General Election Sample Ballots

Lancaster County 2022 General Election Sample Ballot

LJS Voter Guide

KLKN Voter Guide

Voter’s Guide to Nebraska’s Judicial Retention Elections, NE State Bar evaluation poll

Nebraska Family Alliance Voter Guide

Initiatives 432 and 433 – arguments for and against measures

“The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing Senators.”

U.S. Constitution, Article 1 Section 4

KETV – Flood and Pansing-Brooks debate

KPVI Article – LJS writer Northeast Lincoln Legislative District 26 Barger vs Dungan

Notice of General Election Nov 8 2022 Ticket – LJS copy

NFC posts –


KFOR – Lincoln Live

Lancaster County Precinct Maps – Districts

Congress District 1 – 2 year term

Mike Flood

Patty Pansing Brooks


Jim Pillen – Joe Kelly

Carol Blood – Al Davis issues

“As a candidate for the 2022 Nebraska governor’s race, I’ve promised to share little-known information about issues that keep your property taxes high — issues that have easy fixes but are never properly addressed at the state level. I’m going to be sharing several blogs on this topic. I’ll be using Sarpy County for many of my examples because that is where I live and the area with which I am most familiar. However, all counties, municipalities, and schools experience these unfunded/underfunded mandates.”

Scott Zimmerman – Jason Blumenthal issues Libertarian (402) 290-0197

Examples of victimless crimes

Secretary of State

Bob Evnen only candidate


Robert Borer – write in candidate for Governor

State Treasurer

John Murante – R

Katrina Tomsen – Libertarian

Attorney General

Mike Hilgers

LMN – Larry Bolinger

Auditor of Public Accounts

Mike Foley – R

Gene Sidek – L

Leroy Lopez LMN

Lancaster County Commissioner – 5

Jason Krueger – R

Rick Vest – D

County Clerk

Kris Beckenbach – R

Matt Hansen – D


Rob Ogden – R

Dan Nolte – D

County Treasurer

Tracy Refior – R

Rachel Garver – D

County Attorney

Pat Condon – R

Adam Morfeld – D

Public Defender

Trevin Preble – R

Kristi Egger – D

Clerk of District Court

Troy Hawk – R

Lin Quentzer – D

County Engineer

Pam Dingman – R

Retain Judges

State Supreme – M Heavican

Court of Appeals Dist 1? – Riko Bishop

NE Worker’s Comp

Daniel Fridrich

James Coe

John Hoffert

County Court District 3 – Dalton, Matthew, Phillips, Yardley

Juvenile Court County – Ryder, Heideman

SCC Board of Governors – 3

Seim – unopposed

Lower Platte South NRD – 3

Ken Vogel unopposed

State Board of Education/Board of Regents – 1 (North Lincoln)

2022 only district 5

State Legislature 26 (2, 26, 28, 30, 32, 46) 21, 25, 27, 29

Northeast Lincoln -26 northeast

George C. Dungan III

Russ Barger

-2 east of 84th

Robert Clements

Sarah J. Slattery

-21 northwest

no candidate

-25 southeast

no candidate

-27 far soutwest

no candidate

-28 mid south of O

Jane Raybould

Roy A. Christensen

-29 mid-town south

no candidate

-30 mid-south

Myron Dorn (incumbent) no others

-32 far southwest of District 27

Tom Brandt (incumbent) no others

-46 central north

James Michael Bowers 4206 Touzalin Ave. (402) 560-4240

Danielle Conrad 3818 Dudley St.

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