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70 Days Project 2022: Going the way of his truth

Del Bigtree is creator and host of The Highwire, which airs on Thursday afternoons. Bigtree was producer at the CBS TV show The Doctors and Dr. Phil for many years.

Del Bigtree – credit The Highwire

Bigtree gives testimony, at various times during his shows and personal appearances, to his experience with vaccine safety censorship while he was at CBS. He left his lucrative CBS career to begin the Highwire and the non-profit Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) dedicated to vaccine safety education. In January, his legal team, led by attorney Aaron Sire, won a court order for the FDA to produce Pfizer Covid data at a rate of 55,000 papers per month instead of 500 pages.

At the end of Bigtree’s most recent show, Episode 275, he shared more of the debate held at the ‘Better Way Forward’ conference and he explains why he decided to engage the panel in the vaccine discussion.

At the end of the show, at the 1:31 mark, he shares important advice on how to respond to differences. At the 1:31 mark, Bigtree invites Dr. Paul Offit to a discussion saying, “I am curious about you, I am curious about how you think. I want to know what brings you to your conclusions.” He continues by imploring us to “be curious,” he says “I am immensely curious. That is what The Highwire is all about.”

“Don’t seek to tear them down.”

Del Bigtree

In a plea to change the rhetoric, he challenges viewers to stop attacking the people he brings on and he probes, “when the media shows up to an event we’re at and you go over and start screaming at them, and saying they’re lairs and they’re spreading misinformation, how do you think this serves this conversation? Why are you not walking over to the New York Times and the Washington Post and saying, ‘Thank you for coming to our rally today. It’s really great that you’re giving us coverage. Isn’t this a beautiful day, aren’t these beautiful people? Can you believe how diverse this audience is? Isn’t this spectacular?’ That’s how you should be having that conversation, not ridiculing them and attacking them. And, when you have a pro-vaxxer that comes over to your side, maybe pro on just one vaccine, don’t seek to tear them down because they believe in every other vaccine.”
An important debate about the use of vaccines

Wikipedia’s coverage of Bigtree and his documentary Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe in 2016, with Andrew Wakefield, could benefit from balanced rhetoric.

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