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Don’t Finance Your Enemy

Catherine Austin Fitts offers a most direct and succinct interview for Americans, with this warning, “This is war, don’t finance your enemy.” and “Stop building your own prison.”

August 12, 2021, The Highwire Episode, linked above, at minute mark 1:18:00, after reviewing Anthony Fauci’s unredacted email, Del Bigtree speculates that “something else must be going on… maybe this is just the tip of the spear.” Here are the highlights of what follows:

  • A video review of economic conditions over the last several months.
  • At 1:22 minute mark, Bigtree introduces Catherine Austin Fitts, President of Solari, Inc.
  • Fitts reviews the history leading to the Going Direct Reset, what it means, naming some of the companies who are leading the effort, and why they must increase the retirement age or reduce the population after failed 20th century policies.
  • Explaining how the small business shutdowns and closures were planned financial re-engineering, Fitts continues by describing how riots in opportunity zones offer build out for acquisition plans and expansion of the smart grid.
  • Emphasizing resiliency and the need for community, Fitts has the following recommendations for Americans:
    • Use all cash. If that is not possible do #CashFriday. Shop local whenever possible.
    • Prior to implementation of the central bank digital currency, (CBDC) and the passport, move funds out of accounts held by multinational corporations into local, trusted banks or credit union. See her article “How to Find a Local Bank.”
    • Build a local food system.
    • Fitts’ “Coming Clean” series.