Wireless Technology

Children’s Health Defense vs FCC: 8/13/21, 5G and Wireless Radiation Guidelines Lawsuit, court rules that the FCC failed to consider 5G and wireless harms.

New Hamphire 5G Commission: Article commission studies 5G health and environmental effects. Commission Final Report, 11/1/2020. Take-aways from the New Hampshire 5G Commission Report, 7/6/21.

Small cell to 5G: How much can the City control? Columbus Telegram. Sept. 30, 2020

Verizon installs small network poles across UNL campus to spread coverage, Daily Nebraskan, 9/23/2019

We tested popular cellphones for radiofrequency radiation. Now the FCC is investigating. Chicago Tribune, August 21, 2019. The results of the Tribune’s investigation contribute to an ongoing debate about the possible risks posed by radiofrequency radiation from cellphones, and they offer evidence that existing federal standards may not be adequate to protect the public.

Lincoln City Council Meeting, June 8, 2020, Item 6.i., Windstream to place small cell facilities on light poles, minute mark 37:00. David Young, CIO for the City of Lincoln presenting.

Windstream looking to deploy signal boosters. Lincoln Journal Star, June 1, 2020. West A & Hwy 77 Scout Western Sky subdivision installation of small cell. Scott Morris, a Windstream spokesman, said the company bought 24 Gigahertz radio spectrum from the Federal Communications Commission last year that will allow it to deliver fixed wireless broadband internet service up to 1 gigabit per second.

Nebraska Legislative Bill 184, 2019: Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act.